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Mood dbs channel lineup

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Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue reading. Doctors discuss a plan on how to implant a deep brain stimulation device in the brain of a methamphetamine addict named Yan on Friday, Oct.

Western attempts to push forward with human trials of DBS for drug addiction have foundered, even as China has emerged as a hub for this kind of research. But the vast suffering wrought by the U. Now, the experimental surgery Yan underwent is coming to America.

Li Dianyou uses a tablet computer to adjust the settings of a deep brain stimulation device implanted in the brain of a methamphetamine user named Yan, left, on Monday, Oct. This Monday, Oct. Western attempts to push forward with human trials of deep brain stimulation for drug addiction have foundered, even as China has emerged as a hub for this kind of research.

Now, the experimental surgery for addiction is coming to America. A brain surgery patient walks down the main corridor of Ruijin Hospital's functional neurosurgery center in Shanghai, China on Monday, Oct. Doctors at Ruijin are experimenting with brain surgery to treat a range of psychiatric conditions, including anorexia, Tourette syndrome and addiction. Bloodied white mesh covers the head of a methamphetamine user named Yan on Monday, Oct.

The hope is that DBS will extinguish his addiction, quite literally, with the flip of a switch. Critics say such human experiments are premature and risky, but U. Ali Rezai, director of the West Virginia University Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute, will lead a clinical trial at WVU of a medical process called deep brain stimulation for treatment of opioid addiction.

Learn more about HD Media. Yan has been using methamphetamine since The hope is that technology will extinguish his addiction - quite literally with the flip of a switch. The treatment - deep brain stimulation DBS - has long been used for movement disorders like Parkinson's. Now, the first clinical trial of DBS for methamphetamine addiction is being conducted at Shanghai's Ruijin Hospital, along with trials for opioid addiction. Yan is the study's first patient; for fear of losing his job, he asked that only his surname be published.

In February, the U. Leading that study in the Mountain State is Dr. He hopes to launch the trial in June. It's a brain issue. We need to explore all options.

Scientists in Europe have struggled to recruit patients for their DBS addiction studies.Want to read Slashdot from your mobile device? Point it at m. Well, no. Since we're talking about apartments, it's all about who owns that building.

Sure, you can mount a dish on the outside of your window. You'll be able to see it from the street, which is where you'll be sleeping when your landlord kicks you out. The United States has all sorts of goofy local statutes regarding things like this.

Here in Philadelphia, there are certain things you cannot put on certain buildings even if you own thembecause they're part of a 'historical area' or something like that. In many housing developments, you need to have changes to your house that you own including but not limited to building a deck, painting the front a different color, etc checked by a local or county zoning commission. Some places are a little less nuts, but they're becoming more and more rare. Two people are neighbors, three people are a zoning commission.

So why not make these channels optional too, but with a negative price, i.

mood dbs channel lineup

I expect most people would just program their TVs to skip over these channels anyway, just like we do now, but with a bit of a savings. Re:If i had the choice Score: 2 by LostCluster writes: The payment isn't per viewer, it's per dollar in sales. Of course, QVC's prices are usually higher than what you find in stores for the same thing, which is why they jump over the chance to get "exclusive" label things that aren't in stores. Right now, you're just lucky that there's some dolt elsewhere in your town who is buing more than her fair share of QVC products, so that the pennies are getting averaged into everybody's bill.

Big Fat DUH! Score: 4Insightful by andyring writes: on Wednesday December 25, PM Homepage It's only common knowledge that people want choice. I would subscribe to cable myself if I didn't have to order a bunch of crap I don't want just to get one or two channels. It's certainly technologically feasable, but it's all about money and control.

Cable companies obviously realize they have monopolies all over the place, and that opens the door wide to bending over and getting screwed [goatse. I don't give a damn about anything sports-related, but forcing me to order sports channels to see one non-sports one I want is outrageous. Consumers would never stand for that, and I'm surprised they've put up with this for so long. I was amazed how much free time I had after I cancelled my cable when Directv anyway.

I didn't think I watched much tv a day, but I guess a show here, and a movie there adds up. I'll be honest, I miss it now and then especially the sundance channelwhen I get really bored, but I always seem to find something slightly more productive or entertaining to do.

My cable box says dolby digital on it but i have yet to find a digital output on the back of any kind. I've noticed that too.

mood dbs channel lineup

And its starting to piss me off I don't mind HBO being considered a part of a tier. Throw in the Showtime and Cinamax packages probably 30 channels in all and I'll call it a tier.

Mood Media - SR Channel Selection

I don't want ala carte cable. It would be expensive to manage and therefore to buy and it would mean I would have to spend much more time picking and choosing between channels. VH1 Classic Rock? No thanks, I'll take what they offer until it doesn't meet my needs any longer.OCD is characterised by unwanted intrusive thoughts obsessions and repetitive stereotyped behaviours compulsions- sometimes called rituals and often means everyday activities become impossible for those with the condition.

This repetitive and compulsive behaviour is commonly associated with either depressed mood or impairment in cognitive flexibility — an inability to flexibly adapt to changing situations.

Deep brain stimulation DBS is an emerging treatment for a small number of people with extremely severe OCD who have not responded to available treatment, such as cognitive behavioural therapy or medication.

It requires neurosurgical implantation of electrodes. Furthermore, MRI tractography a form of brain imaging from optimally activated electrode contacts showed that the two DBS sites affected different neural circuits within the brain.

Similar authors to follow

This finding provides clues as to the roles that those specific brain regions play in OCD, and has potentially important implications for treatment. Their previous studies have shown that impaired cognitive flexibility is a marker of OCD and improvement implies that patients can break out of maladaptive routines and habits and take on new and rewarding experiences.

All patients had been ill for at least 20 years and failed to respond to high doses of medication plus intensive CBT. One of the trial participants was first diagnosed at the age of 26 years with OCD but had symptoms since the age of 7. I had no quality of life and the only tasks I attempted were the basics: I ate, drank, used the loo and slept. I showered, changed my clothes and brushed my teeth only once a month as they were such arduous tasks.

I felt inexplicably excited and happy with the great sense of looking forward to life. I recognised the feeling from 20 years before when I had been completely well. I am living completely independently and doing volunteer work. There are several limitations to the study, the main one being the small sample size.

However, when comparing the effectiveness of the two DBS sites, patients served as their own controls in an innovative design, and the conclusions were robust to adjustment for multiple comparisons and parametric and non-parametric analyses.

The possible synergistic benefit of DBS at both sites and cognitive behavioral therapy was explored. Diffusion-weighted and intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging scans were performed for tractography from optimally activated electrode contacts. Results: DBS at each site significantly and equivalently reduced OCD symptoms with little additional gain following combined stimulation.

Differential improvements in mood and cognitive flexibility and their associated connectivity suggest that DBS at these sites modulates distinct brain networks.

mood dbs channel lineup

University College London material Biological Psychiatry abstract. Please consider completing the form below. The information you supply is optional and will only be used to compile a demographic profile of our subscribers.

Your personal details will never be shared with a third party. Organisation: Position: Deadline Date: Location:. Receive Medical Brief's free weekly e-newsletter. First Name. Last Name. Helena St. Job Title. Editor's Pick. A Focus. Medical Brief How many times since have we flapped our arms for six days about what J. But the Chargers believed they had to match the speed of Jackson and felt they could do so because they have a very athletic and sure-tackling secondary.

But for the most part, it worked today. The Ravens finished with just 90 rushing yards on Sunday. We needed guys who could run sideline to sideline and still help in the passing game if they got fooled.

The Patriots' eventual answer became better personnel and the development of tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. But the Patriots are back to being under-equipped in the passing game. Julian Edelman is the focal point and their best only wideout capable of winning consistently in 1-on-1 situations. Besides, L. Forcing Brady off of his preferred options and onto Phillip Dorsett and Chris Hogan seems a winning defensive strategy.

They can use power with Sony Michel and fullback James Develin. If the Chargers go more conventional to address the Patriots running game, then they may get a steady dose of play-action. The bottom line to this is there is going to be a big feeling-out process at the start of this game where the Patriots try to divine the Chargers' defensive game plan.

I wrote after the game about the success the Patriots have had against the Cover-3 defense that Bradley is a disciple of. How do the Chargers try to cover up that heel? And does that open up a new spot for New England to exploit? And their roster is loaded with the kind of young talent that promises a nice run of success.

Receive comprehensive coverage of your teams and stream the Celtics easily on your device. Last spring, before Troy Brown joined the Patriots coaching staff, before he looked like the front-runner to take over the receiver coach gig in New England, we had a chance to sit down with him on the Next Pats Podcast and discuss the receiver roles within the team's offense.

The body types and skill sets associated with each are different. And because Bill Belichick's roster could use both inside and outside players, we'll lay out both boundary and slot options who look like Patriots "prototypes. The average outside-the-numbers player Belichick has drafted in the first four rounds has a 40 of about 4.

In short, freaky athletes. None have measured shorter than 5-foot or lighter than pounds.Driven by a potent combination of fierce competition and new opportunities brought about by expanded channel capacity, the lucrative premium-television business has become a cauldron of programming and marketing innovation and good, old-fashioned corporate intrigue.

The premium networks are all spending millions of dollars on programming, as well as on marketing and branding campaigns. They are all offering cable and satellite operators an array of multiplex channels. And reports keep circulating that a major realignment of the pay universe -- involving Rainbow Programming Services owner of American Movie Classics, Bravo and The Independent Film Channel and the Encore services -- is in the works. HBO recently reaffirmed its position as the leading premium network with the spectacular success of its hour original miniseries, From the Earth to the Moonwhich garnered critical raves and pulled in solid ratings.

Showtime has decided that it needed a branding makeover. Len Fogge, executive vice president of creative and marketing services for Showtime Networks Inc.

In fact, Showtime's emphasis on original programming -- now up to 50 new movies per year -- has won praise from television critics and cable executives.

Business Music

Jerry McKenna, vice president of strategic marketing for Cable One, praised Showtime's original-programming strategy as an "excellent retention tool. Some industry analysts credited Starz! To drive the point home, Starz! Encore is also credited with leading the way in categorizing movies and channels by theme with its multiplex package of Westerns, Mystery, Action, True Stories and Love Stories. Sie argued that multiplexed thematic-movie channels can be a "killer application" for operators because they "replicate browsing aisles" in video stores and they can, in fact, win back business that cable systems have lost to video stores.

Not everyone is convinced, however. Some operators are skeptical of Sie's "mood" arguments, which he makes every chance that he gets.

I think that most people just want to watch a good movie, and they either have something specific in mind, or they look for the best one that's available. Marketing consultant Steve Liebmann was more blunt, describing Encore as "old movies packaged in a different way.

Nonetheless, thematic categorization of premium channels has clearly struck a nerve. Showtime has won praise from operators for its action-adventure category, "Showtime Extreme. We believe that you have to lead with brands and add with plexes. HBO provided a dramatic demonstration of that philosophy several weeks ago, when it introduced new branded channels to enhanced "mega-brand" multiplex packages from HBO and Cinemax.

With an eye toward expanded channel capacity available on direct-broadcast satellite systems and on emerging digital tiers on cable, HBO and Cinemax will begin branding additional channels in June, bringing the total number of channels offered by the two services to 10 by the end of the year.

HBO will introduce the new services in the fourth quarter.Effects of continuous pallidal stimulation on tardive dyskinesia at 3 and 6 months after surgery. Limit lines indicate SEM. Arch Gen Psychiatry.

A 2-step open Fleming procedure was used to avoid unnecessary accrual of patients. The early stopping rule was invoked if the number of successful outcomes in 10 patients was fewer than 2, or 5 or more. A double-blind evaluation in the presence and absence of stimulation was performed at 6 months after surgery. In accord with the 2-step open Fleming procedure, we ended the trial at the first step and concluded that pallidal stimulation is an effective treatment for TD.

There were no marked changes in the patients' psychiatric status. Tardive dyskinesia TD is a common and potentially disabling adverse effect of antipsychotic treatment. Treatment is problematic.

A first option is the withdrawal of antipsychotic regimen, which is controversial. Although some patients show noticeable improvement following withdrawal of treatment with antipsychotics, complete and lasting resolution of TD is rare, and the cessation of antipsychotic use in psychotic patients increases the risk of a relapse.

In the remaining patients, the preferred option when they are being treated with conventional antipsychotics is to replace these with new-generation antipsychotics.

Despite the lack of any clear demonstration of efficacy, this approach has had some success and is accepted and recommended. In addition to their low risk of TD, new-generation antipsychotics, especially clozapine, have shown some efficacy in reducing or stopping abnormal movements in patients for whom antipsychotics had been withdrawn.

During the past 20 years, there has been a renewed interest in surgical treatment in the field of movement disorders. Pallidotomy and bilateral continuous deep brain stimulation DBS applied to the internal part of the globus pallidus GPi have been shown to be effective treatments to improve various abnormal involuntary movements, such as levodopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson disease, 9 primary 10 or secondary 11 dystonia, and chorea in Huntington disease.

To assess the efficacy of pallidal stimulation in treating TD, we conducted a prospective phase 2 multicenter study using a double-blind evaluation in the presence and absence of stimulation at 6 months after surgery.

Ten patients Table 1 experiencing severe TD were included in this pilot study. All patients had taken conventional antipsychotics for longer than 3 months to treat major depressive disorder 6 patientsschizophrenia 3 patientsor childhood disintegrative disorder 1 patient diagnosis by the referring psychiatrist for the study in each center was based on DSM-IV criteria. The patients had developed TD from a few weeks to several years after the initiation of treatment.

Despite withdrawal of treatment with neuroleptics or their replacement with new-generation antipsychotics, severe TD had persisted for more than 12 months. All of the patients had functional disability ie, pain, gait disturbances, or hand disability ; 9 patients also found their abnormal involuntary movements socially embarrassing, with patient 1 being partially anosognosic of the disorder. Various TD suppressive treatments had been tried in these patients but were insufficiently effective to improve their motor disability.

As an inclusion criterion for the study, a previous attempt at treatment using clozapine or tetrabenazine at the maximum tolerated dosage for at least 4 weeks was required. Tardive dyskinesia suppressive treatments were maintained at the beginning of the study if they were tolerated and if they led to some improvement.

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Before inclusion, the history and clinical characteristics of each patient were reviewed at investigators' meetings comprising investigators from 6 centers in the study and at least 2 neurologists, 2 psychiatrists, and 2 neurosurgeons to confirm that all inclusion criteria were fulfilled eg, diagnosis, psychiatric status, level of disability, and attempts at treatment of TD.

The 10 patients in the study were consecutively included from among 18 cases reviewed at 3 meetings during a 2-year period.From quarantining your proteins, to isolating your cutting boards, Debbie Wong tells us just how easy it is to be clean in the kitchen. Flavourful and packs a punch, the rujak sauce comes together perfectly with the chicken curry steak.

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